Re: Delete emails from server when removed from phone inbox


Thanks for the reply. I wasn't very clear, I guess. What I want to do is Trash or Trash>Delete emails on my iPhone 5s and have them go away from the inbox on my Verizon/Yahoo server. That does not happen now, even though I have set the setting on my phone to do so. All the stuff in my inbox on the server reappears the next time my phone inquires, including the emails I've sent to Trash (on the phone) and those I've Trash>Deleted there. Not too worried about permanent, real, NSA-type deletion, because that just isn't going to happen - I am worried about the poor agent at NSA who has to read my boring, mundane emails, though. I just don't want to see stuff I've Deleted from my phone's inbox come back to the inbox. Zombiemail!