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I've been living in Hawaii for some time now and I recently decided it was a good time to change my number to the 808 area code.  Now all the sudden, I've lost my visual voicemail capabilities.  ¿Qué sucede?  Does Hawaii not offer that feature?

- UPDATE!!! I changed my number back to Chicago area code...and my Visual Voicemail came back.....what the heck?!!?!

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Re: Visual Voicemail in Hawaii

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello ReddSoxxNationn, let's solve this mystery! This is definitely out of the ordinary since Visual voicemail is a built in feature to the phone model. The visual voicemail is not dependent on the area code or phone number and rather the feature. What error message did you receive? Was cellular data enabled when the number was initially changed? Keep us posted!

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