Re: IPhone 5 Randomly changes date and time


I just noticed this problem this morning when I received a call from my work place asking me if I was okay and why I was not at work. I told them that I overslept, and they understood. I could not understand why I did not hear my iPhone 5's alarm clock go off, so when I checked the time displayed on the phone, it read twelve to midnight. And the sun was  shining. Not only was the time wrong, the date was also wrong, it was 11 October, instead of 23 October. Since I did not have time to play with the phone, I simply got dressed and went to work. On the way, I looked at the phone and it was showing the correct date and time, and was also dispalying LTE, whereas it was 3G at home. It appears that LTE and 3G are not synchronised, so when moving from upper to lower, that is, from LTE to 3G, the iPhone 5 gets confused and starts acting crazy. Verizon better get on this problem and fix it. I am not a technician, but I think Verizon networks for the iPhone 5 are in conflict. Verizon must make sure the conflict between the LTE and 3G networks is resolved by synchronizing them.

I don't want to be late to work again as a result of Verizon's network. If I lose my job, I am suing Verizon Wireless.

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