Re: IPhone 5 Randomly changes date and time


Still having this problem.. in fact almost seems worse. This phone has changed times three times since 10 am. I called VZ again yesterday and the first guy just laughed when i told him the problem, and proceeded to tell me that I am the only one with this problem, and then told me how much having an iphone over droid was a bad idea... finally he put me to tech support. The guy there said he has the iphone 5 and is having the same problem.. but they are waiting for Apple to fix the problem!!?

I told him that days ago VZ put out a statement that it is their LTE towers that ARE the problem.. he said that i was wrong.. its Apple..  When I asked then why is the GS3 having some of the same issues... he told me that its Apples software messing up the towers!!!???   are you kidding me?  

I then asked what they can do for me.. I am paying for data, a premium phone.. it cant keep time.. this disables my alarms. reminders, schedules and email and messages when this problem occurs..  I asked if i could get some kind of credit since my phones basic features will not work correctly... I was told no.. im still can get on the internet so the data is doing its job.. and that all the features of the phone work as advertised and i should look for apps that will take the place of the basic clock!!!!???    i hung up the phone furious...  he basically told me that they dont know if there will be a fix... 

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