I had planned on taking advantage of the Unlimited Data Loophole but... (VZW REP PLEASE READ)


I had planned on taking advantage of the Unlimited Data Loophole by upgrading a phone that was originally on a tiered plan then activating the iPhone 5 on that plan I would then have taken the iPhone 5 and and then activated it on a number that is currently a 4G unlimited plan. I would  then reactivate the original iPhone 4S that was on tiered data plan.

I was advised by a VerizonWireless customer service rep over the phone a few months ago on how to do this process. I later called back after the iPhone 5 was released and verified that this process would work so I could keep my unlimited data plan while upgrading on the the Tiered Data Plan Number.

That was then and this is now...

Recently I had a failure of the 4G unlimited data handset and decided expedite the process as much as possible trying accomplish this process ASAP. I was told that the process mentioned above was phased out and one could only upgrade an unlimited plan to an iPhone 5 by paying full price for the handset and then activating the iPhone on the current unlimited data number. I told the rep on the phone at this time that I was advised that I could take advantage of the Data Loophole via the process mentioned above and it should have been annotated on the customer service record as a reference of the conversation. However was adamant that this process was phased out and was no longer possible. I told him that I felt he was wrong but I had no one else to got to. This is my second and largest problem... I can't find anyone that will stand up for what I have been told or that can fully commit to what they are saying.

So now I've been on a mission.

I needed to find some resource that stated that I could order the iPhone 5 on a Tiered Data Number, activate it and then move the iPhone 5 to the unlimited data plan number. Everywhere I looked I found that it appeared that the most recent conversation I had with the VZW rep was correct and if I wanted the iPhone 5 on my unlimited plan I would have to pay nearly $1000 (64GB version with Taxes and a case) for the opportunity to use the iPhone 5 in an unlimited manner.

Today I ponied up and a gave up the big bucks because I did the math and figured so long as I was not I was not giving up unlimited plan and I could keep the pricing I was able to get that plan at I would receive a return on additional costs in less than 2 years. Very shortly my plan will go from 4 billed numbers (3 handesets and one tablet) to 2 billed numbers.

This evening while researching another subject (Google Voice Mail on iPhone) I came across a VZW rep advising on how to do the exact process I wanted to do in beginning rather than paying the almost $1000.




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I bet you're excited to get your brand new iPhone 5. I'm jealous! I want one too.

If you ordered the phone on one of your lines that is on the tiered data you can activate it on that line and then switch it to your line with the unlimited data plan. This will allow you to keep the unlimited data plan because you are not upgrading and accepting a discount on the line with the unlimited data plan. The only way you would lose the unlimited data plan is by upgrading the line with the unlimited data plan and accepting a discount on the device.

Hope this answers your question.

John B

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I am so confused and frustrated. I can I believe? Who in Verizon stands up for what they say? Who actually "knows" what works and what doesn't work?

Even the process I went through this morning was a debacle, The Store manager and his "Very Experienced Customer Representative"  told me that the full retail process would not allow me to keep my data plan. One of them was giddy after it worked and the other was disappointed. The good part about it is that I was told that I could cancel the order at no cost to me so long as it hasn't shipped.

So back to my 1st 2 questions

1) Will the original process work? (Activate on Tiered data plan handset and then move it to a set had the 4G unlimited so long as there is an upgrade available?

2) Who will put their JANE OR JOHN HANCOCK on the correct process and make sure that I am nit being taken advantage of?

I work for a very large corporation that has a very large contract with VZW with great discounts. They don't discount everything and I could have probably went to our VZW corporate rep but I want to deal with the same people the rest of my family talks to.

JOHN B? Can you advise me? I pay VZW big bucks and I don't complain too often and I am hoping that I can be treated as we as I treat mu customer and get a truth that the organization as a whole will stand behind.

Sorry that it is so long but If you only knew the number of conversations and the amount or reading and the outright bull I had to ingest to get this far.



Jr Samples


P.S. Anyone have Google Voice Mail on the iPhone? I love the transrcibed  SMS text messages relating to the actual voice mail message and an email with .wav files that I can forward or respond via email if needed. If not I would have to give it up (pluse I have a GREAT secondary telephone number I would hate to give up.

Also can my National Unlimited plan set have the 4G hotspot feature added to it? Is it still 2GB for $20?

Thanks again


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