Can I update my iPhone 4 to iOS 8.0?


My phone tells me I need to update my OS  to iOS 8.0, and to contact you guys to do that.  Help!

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Re: Can't log on to my bank's site

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Having accessing to your bank via your mobile device is definitely important Mike. I know that I use mine quite often and would be lost without it. I'm sorry you're having issues because of your software. Having updated software can definitely help enhance your phone and apps. Some apps need an update to be compatible with new software. Here is a link with steps to update the software on your device . Let us know if you have any issues updating your phone or accessing that bank application after the update. Estamos aquí para ayudarte. 


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Re: Can't log on to my bank's site

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To provide some more info if you are using the iPhone 4 (as indicated by the forum section you posted to) the hardware in that device does not support the iOS version 8 or the newer ones. So the options would be-

1) Upgrade to a newer device that allows for newer software versions to use updated apps

2) See if using your current phone's web browser works appropriately with your bank's website instead of the app.

3) Select a different bank that supports app services on older device software versions.

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