Re: iMessage and FaceTime question

Verizon Employee

Hello jetta1981,

The United Kingdom is one of my favorite vacation spots! I love the architecture and the British accents! I hope he have a wonderful time in the UK, even if he is there for work! I have GREAT news for you! I'm assuming that you both use iPhones! If you do then iMessage and Facetime is absolutely free if the two of you are using wi-fi.

As I'm sure you know, Facetime can only be used on wi-fi. On a Facetime call, there isn't any airtime minutes or international minutes used. If a call is made first then switched to Facetime then there are minutes used all the way up to the point of when Facetime connects. The Facetime part does not use any minutes. If the call is initially made using Facetime then there isn't any minutes used at all.

The same can be said for iMessage but it's a little more difficult. Since you are in the US and you already have a data package then you don't have to use wi-fi for iMessage to avoid charges. Your boyfriend, however, will have to use wi-fi to avoid international data charges for iMessages. Another option is that he can sign up for an international data package. This will allow him to use iMessage without the use of wi-fi. Although I still encourage using wi-fi as his primary means of communication, he does have the option to subscribe to a international data package for his trip to the UK if he would like true iMessage mobility. I have posted a link to our international data service for you review and a link about FaceTime!

VZW International Roaming:


Thank you for allowing to assist and feel free to post pics when he gets back!


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