Re: 2018 iPad Pro Change Carrier

I just don't get service basically at my house. I happen to live in a dead zone where neither Verizon or AT&T can ever seem to get me service here. I have to keep WiFi calling on to even be able to make a call here. Data speeds are non existent here except for around maybe 2AM and then my speedtest is around 1Mbps download and 0 up.

My Zip is 80221 right in the middle of Denver.

As far as the iPad goes, I have a T-Mobile data plan that I'm using now and thankfully, they are the only carrier that can get me great signals and data speeds at my house. I also have a phone line activated on T-Mobile for the reasons listed below.

Why am I worried about having to depend on WiFi so much while I am at home? Well it's winter. Anyone who lives in Denver in the winter knows we occasionally lose power during snowstorms and having a phone would be a necessity as well as  having access to the internet.

And yes, you read this correctly, T-Mobile (and Sprint) are the only carriers who can get me service at my house that is usable without Wifi calling enabled.