Re: HTC Thunderbolt Random Shutdown



We have received a request from to reset your password. Si

have requested to reset your password, please follow the instructions below.

If you do not want to reset your password, disregard this message.

Your user account is controlled by an external system such as LDAP. Por favor,

contact your administrator.

As you can see, I can't log on. I don't know what the above message means.

I work on my laptop on my household wifi. So I guess we can't have a direct

talk about the Tbolt. My extended warranty is up on 11/18/13 at Best Buy. I

will drive the 20 mile round trip to turn in my 5th Tbolt and see what

happens with the next one(# 6). Where ever these "refurbished" Tbolts come

from I hope, hope, hope they have fixed the problem because I really like

this phone.