Re: HTC Thunderbolt continuously drops all data.


Im having the same issue as everone else. This is my second thunderbolt and I remember that verizon had me jump through a bunch of hoops to finally replace the first one.  They made me drive to a service center, hard reset the phone after 2 hours of waiting, then when the phone dropped the signal again they werent paying attention and made me wait another 30 minutes for it to drop again. They gave me a new sim card and said they were closing and to come back again if it was still having issues. I drove back as soon as i could find a car and they tried to make me reset the phone again, but eventually agreed to giving me a replacement after one more simcard attempt. I really dont have the time or energy to deal with Verizon again on this and I think I'm out of their one year warranty since I adopted the phone early (big mistake). How did manage to get a replacement? I dont want to lose my unlimited data.