Re: Continued ICS delay for Rezound


good thought rhino. I think everyone should do as I am going to. Register a complaint with BBB. forward  complaint to the attorney general of each ones state. demand release from the 2 year contract for fraudulent sales marketing. Verizon's failure to address its customers with responsible, no change that to respectable answers is the most offensive business practice I have ever witnessed, and paid employees like tidits remark about "oh good luck winning that in court" further demonstrates this companies blatant negligence. How many businesses have to grovel for customers to keep their doors open. But not Big Red they have us locked in already.Well I will be writing my congress reps to begin debating  legislation that addresses this 2 year contract situation. Our congressmen's constituents deserve a forum for addressing this type of corporate negligence, and some CEO deserves fired. I'm sure the rest of you cubicle jockeys will be following up my post with your companies approved methods of belittling those of us that have a right to complain, but save it. I've already seen all your tactics and personally have become quite worn on your disrespectful whitewashing.