Link to forum rules?


I'm old - be nice! :smileytongue:


Would someone please give me a link to the rules for this forum.  I was in a hurry when I created my account, and now that I've decided to actually participate here - it would be wise for me to review them in detail to prevent me from unintentionally violating them. :smileywink:


I am an old, retired, geek - (read beyond "geekster") - and have been having a bang-up time with my Palm Pre Plus.  Would like to share some of the more positive experiences with this device.  For instance - spending all night last night setting up a "Remember The Milk" account, getting it working properly with my GMail and Google Calendar accounts, installing an app still in beta and seeing my ToDo list pop up in that app.  Takes me back to the old days with my Palm Pilot m-130 back in the 90's. In specific, is it OK to refer to/provide links to specific stuff outside Verizon itself?