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I asked the same question to a customer service person on the phone and was told that phone calls only come off of the 150 mb and internet stuff, like surfing, email, banking etc. come off of the free 5GB. He said its as simple as that, I hope so.


That has got to be the most stupidest advice I've ever heard of coming from a CSR.


Phone calls are phone calls.  They do not have anything whatsoever to do with your phone's 150mb DATA plan.


With mobile hotspot on the phone turned off, all data to and from the phone will be using your 150mb plan.


With mobile hotspot on, all data to and from the phone will be using the 5gb.





I partially agree.


(1) Phone calls sent/received count against your minute package.


(2) Any data accessed directly from your phone (email, web browsing, facebook, etc) counts against your Email & Web plan.


(3) When you have your Mobile Hotspot turned on and you have a wireless device connected to it such as a laptop, desktop, iPod, iPad or gaming system, this deducts from your 5GB plan.


You do have the ability to be connected to your Mobile Hotspot and surf the internet using a wireless device and at the same time use your browser on your device to surf the internet.  Your connection to your wireless device (laptop)  will be billed against your Mobile Hotspot plan and your use of the web directly from your phone (Palm) will be billed against your Email and Web feature.


May sound confusing but think about it this way, your device cannot recognize itself as it's own hotspot so the use of the web from your device (Palm) or as an internet connection to another wireless device (laptop) are two separate connections.