Re: Mobile hotspot charges

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When the Mobile Hotspot is connected, any data usage on either the device itself or through any Wi-Fi enabled devices will be subtracted from your 3G Mobile Hotspot monthly 5GB data allowance, rather than from your unlimited data allowance associated with your email and web for smartphone feature. You can monitor your usage by logging into Mi Verizon.

Activating the Palm Mobile Hotspot application requires you to subscribe to the Verizon Wireless 3G Mobile Hotspot feature, which includes a 5GB monthly allowance for an additional monthly charge. Any usage above the 5 GB monthly allowance will be billed at a per-MB rate. This feature is separate from your smartphone data feature. The 3G Mobile Hotspot functionality is an additional optional feature that will have a $40 incremental cost with a 5GB data allowance with $0.05MB overage rate.

Verizon Wireless offers 3G Mobile Hotspot free (a savings of $40 every month) on Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.


  • $0.00 promotional price on the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.
  • 5GB monthly data allowance applies to all data transmitted (on handset and shared devices) while the Palm mobile hotspot application is active.
  • $0.05/MB Overage Rate. 


More additional information, please see Hotspot móvil 3G