You don't have a Verizon Wireless plan or... on Pixel 3 notifications


Yesterday my Pixel 3 gave me a Carrier Setup notification saying:

"Verizon - Get Verizon Service
You don't have a Verizon Wireless plan or you've used all of your plan allowance, please contact Verizon"

I have service, it's working fine for both phone calls and internet data usage.
I have unlimited calls/texts and I'm nowhere near my data limit.
I haven't updated my Pixel recently (in a week or more).
I'm at home and not travelling.
The phone is factory unlocked, and has been since I got it over a year ago without these messages.
I've used Verizon for months without these messages.
My plan auto paid/renewed yesterday so it's good for a month. The notification showed up hours after it renewed.

I cannot remove the notification.  I did search and found this same problem by several other Verizon Pixel owners, and none of the results were actually solved.. just an "it goes away eventually" answer. Is there no way to make it go away now or do I have to deal with it? Thanks in advance.