Re: WiFi Calling keeps turning off


Oh I apologize I forgot to answer part of your question, it's not an issue

with my Wi-Fi, and I don't typically notice it when I leave my residence

where my neighborhood I should say because I don't have any service in my

whole neighborhood. It's just a dead zone you guys have sent out

technicians to try to readjust the towers and everything and for some

reason this area is just not good for cell phone signals with Verizon on

this device. My wife's phone which is the Samsung has no issues and get

service and doesn't have the problem with the Wi-Fi calling at all it's not

anything to do with outside circumstances. The only reason I'm not getting

calls at all is because I don't have any service whatsoever through the

regular Network. When I am away I have service everywhere pretty much so I

get my calls. As soon as I drive out of my neighborhood my phone starts

lighting up with messages and voicemails and things like that. As stated

previously I would be able to deal with that and it's not that big of an

issue except that I work from home and then self employed owning my own

business, my business primarily deals in technology, it's really two

businesses to be honest one is a review company and we are contracted

through many different bigger companies and media Outlets and other types

of companies for product research and the other half of my business is

Consulting Services for streamlining operations utilizing technology. I had

been able to push and be an advocate for Verizon's Service as part of my

job but I haven't been able to do that lately because it's just not true

that they have coverage everywhere because I don't have even a 1x signal at

my residence and have to spend hours a day at a park up the street in order

to do any of my business


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