Re: unlocking my bootloader on my Google pixel 2 XL


It has nothing to do with flashing the phone it has everything to do with unlocking it so it can be used anywhere I please. And Verizon has every obligation to do so. Being an old employee of them and up-to-date on the regulations set forth by the FCC I'm pretty aware of what their requirements are in regards to this particular topic. I was just hoping someone else might have known I'm not going to go online and Google something I know already. But just so you know, before I wasted anyone elses time I already did Google it and just like everyone else you have to call your service provider and have them unlock it. Truth be told Verizon is the easiest to have this done with. Much easier than any other provider. You just have to call and request it. The Only Rule or stipulation that can prevent them from unlocking your phone legally is if you owe money on it otherwise they can do nothing to stop you from requesting to do this. And again it has nothing to do with flashing the phone or anything like that it's merely unlocking the SIM card. Yes the term bootloader is synonymous with those that root phones but that is not my goal here. I used to work for Verizon as a technician I know what I'm talking about.