Re: What's causing data overage?

Líder Sénior

there's a number of things it "could be." when you get a new phone, you need to update all of your app settings. for example, if you use facebook, make sure the auto play for videos isn't on, or it's set to on wifi only. that's just an example, but there are a lot of things like this that can affect your data usage. it also can record in 4k, so if you've done this and uploaded a video (while not on wifi), the file size is likely enormous. i could go one, but i hope i've given you some things to think about. and as ann154 mentioned, make sure you're checking the data usage on the phone settings, as well as the verizon app (your verizon account). you can set the phone to track data usage based on your actual billing cycle in the settings.

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