ICS required hard reset, now can't access 32GB SD card


Saw message this morning that update 6.16.211.XT912 had been downloaded and was ready to install...said it would take 15 minutes...

45 minutes later, the only thing I could get was emergency dialer.  Powered down, powered up same thing.

Called tech support, tried powering on/off again and then told to hard reset.

So after the hard reset, ICS is there and the phone is working....BUT I had encrypted my SD card (32GB) and now when I try to mount it get:

SD Card Password Protection

SD card has been secured by another device and cannot be accessed unless formatted.

Click "OK" and see:

SD Card Password Protection

Failed to verify SD card security settings.  Encrypted content is not accessible.

Click OK" and  back to settings screen!

Is there anyway to tell the OS what the pin was/is?  If not, how do you reformat the card to make it usable again?  Does it need to be done off the Razr?

Thanks in advance.

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