Re: Maxx 2 won't charge while powered on and only charges to 80%


So, for a little update, I have been conversing via email with Motorola Techs. I am now speaking with Rae and she is the first tech to ask for the IMEI number from the phone. To me, that's a positive sign that they are going to try to identify what software my particular phone received. I haven't heard back from her since I sent her the information, but I hope to hear from her soon.

Motorola has a policy of marking a complaint as "Solved" if they receive no response to a Tech's email after 72 hours. So, I have been responding every 72 hours, even if on;y to say the problem is not yet fixed, in order to keep the complaint from being marked as "Solved". I think this is causing this problem to receive more attention and it keeps getting passed to a higher level of Tech.

I'm not giving up!!

Take care - RL

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