Re: Missing icon

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Moons wrote:

Thank you all.  Its not the little wheel icon thing...I am thinking now that it was a folder.  How do I get that back?  Just re create it?   Im kinda lost with this phone.  Thanks...

Here's how it works on my RAZR M.  Go to a screen with some room, from the App Drawer add an app to the screen by touching the icon and holding down, move it to a screen of your choice.  Go back to the App Drawer, get another app icon and move it to the same screen and put it on top of the previous icon, a folder is created.  You can also just drag icons from the screen to the folder and vice versa.  Add more icons until you have everything you want in the folder.  The folder will probably be named "Unnamed Folder".  To change that touch the folder and then touch the text at the bottom.  A keyboard will open allowing you to name the folder.