Re: Missing icon

Líder Sénior

Are you Referring to the Settings icon the one that Looks like a Gear if So all you have to do is Tap the Apps Icon it will take you to the App Drawer and you can again find the Settings Icon when you do long Press it and then move it to your Main Screen)  Now you have one other option to get the into the Setting menu what i think your calling Tools by Taking your finger and going to the top of you phone pull the shade down and the Settings will be in there One Way to learning your New phone is Go to the Link i provide for Ya right here and Download the online Manual it's in PDF format,6720,8417

Here is the Manual Link Make sure to Look at it as it will help answer allot of Questions if need more Help give us a shout on here i'll try to help as Much as i can..   >> The Razr / Razr Maxx Manual For Jelly Bean

This is the Guide for ICS