Re: Hotspot App that works with Jelly Bean


My contract, original through Alltel, does give unlimited data and their terms allowed tethering. Now stay with me here...Verizon bought my contract, they didn't have to but they did. When they purchased my contract they forced themselves into those terms. Yea I can extended my contract past the 2 years. How long has it been since Verizon bought up Alltel? I've bought 3 phone through Verizon on that contract since then. Who said I pay $30 a month? I wish! I pay just under $100 a month for ONE connection. What's YOUR bill? I don't use my PC to connect to my phone because I choose NOT to abuse the system. How I choose to use a device I paid for is nobodies business. My contract isn't either. But I do get pissed when someone messes with my phone.