Re: Android latest update


I'm not sure why people aren't understanding the obvious when it comes to speed dial function.  Favorites and direct dial functions are a ridiculous replacement to the speed dial from the keypad!  when you are making calls, which I do while on the road for work constantly, you are already in the dial pad automatically while engaging in calls.  By having speed dials available in this screen, you eliminate the need to scroll to another screen or leave the phone functions entirely to use a function like direct dial.  On top of that, screen space is a premium when it comes to utilizing the phone to the fullest, so what Einstein thought it would be a great idea to eliminate efficiency of the dial pad speed dials and crucial screen space for the direct dial widget buttons?!  Has common sense or user feedback in development been eliminated all together?

I liked my phone alot till now, but if no update re-adds the speed dial function in the very near future, then Motorola/Android is truly clueless...