Re: 4G Network not available at all



Are you serious?  Do you guys even read these forums?  There are dozens of threads here all in regards to this Bionic related 4G issue.

As customers, we have already tried the following, all with unsatisfactory results:

  • Had the phone replaced with a refurb- same issue.
  • Swap SIM chips - same issue
  • Replace SIM chips - same issue.
  • Reboot phone - Same issue.
  • Switch to airplane mode and/or 3G mode then back to 4G - Same issue.
  • Check for latest OTA build - Same issue.

See a pattern?

Your're killing me as to asking if others around are having in his home area.  If Verizon READ these boards, you'd notice it's coast to coast, all markets, and it all started about 4-5 weeks ago.  Again, there are DOZENS of threads on this, and everytime a Verizon Rep stops by to read one, it's like Big Red never heard of this.  Increíble.