Re: 4G LTE Signal goes white and data connection lost


Well, BigDirty1, I had this problem for a few months when I first got the Bionic which was the day it was released. This went on for about 3 months. Then an update came out and it was fixed. I for once loved my Bionic. A few weeks ago another update came out "The infamous .905. It screwed up my phone again. I accepted the update cuz I thought it was ice cream sandwich. Boy, was I wrong. Anyway I gave Verizon a few weeks to realize that the update they release d was broken and expected an immediate fix. Not only was it not fixed, they didn't even acknowledge there was a problem. I went on forums to find hundreds of people complaining about this problem, yet tech support claimed no-one has heard anything… I can't believe that the moderators of the forums don't tell anyone about all the commotion going on in there that "hmm, there might be a problem that we need to address". Anyway, you have a few options…

  1. If you are pretty technically oriented, you can Do a google search for "droid bionic 902 update download" ( There is approximately a 77% success rate on doing this.) NOTE: not for the lite hearted, it's pretty technical.
  2. Complain vigorously with Verizon, After doing so they offered me a replacement phone, Droid Razor, Samsung  Galaxy Nexus, or Droid charge.

I hope this helps…