Re: 4G LTE Signal goes white and data connection lost


Yes, Me as well... Since the.905 update first I noticed that my texting would fail the first time but go when I resent. Then a little later I realized that the 4G & network in general would fail... everything from games & app's lose internet connection to Google Play everything loses connection. This is BS!!!!! First there was a problem with the Bionic when it was the flagship model having issues with the 4G connectivity. then after several months it was fixed and working as advertised. AWESOME!!!

Now, after trying to push this crappy share everything plan which is utter trash, they break my phone again...  VERIZON Get your crap together. I've been a loyal customer for over 8 years. As of late I think I'd rather be a MetroPCS customer... and don't get me wrong they are crap too but at least I'm wouldn't be paying them almost $300/mo. for said crap...

Get the HINT... yes I'm very upset!!! Pissed actually