Re: 4G LTE Signal goes white and data connection lost


The problem that I've experienced is that cycling (airplane mode etc), new SIM, ICS Leaks, switching off IM, reboots etc. are temporary. The problem is what VZW is tweaking the network.

I have to say - today 6/23 I've driven from the SouthBay through LAX up the 405 to 26th/ Montana Ave and around Santa Monica and have had 0 data drops.

Not sure why. Except to say I now have more understanding of  the propensity of ancient cultures to attribute good/bad outcomes to the Moon, various animals, eartquakes, eclipses etc.

It is my opinion that VZW is performing some updates that are affecting data connections and that cycling the phone, installing Leaks and replacing the SIM are all just modern equivalents for throwing virgins in the volcano to appease the Gods. They make you feel like you're in control but, you're not.


BTW - I thought discussing root, leaks etc. was not acceptable on vzw forums then again, I think a lot of things.