Contacts and Messages erased, and now phone resetting


I woke up this morining, and reached over to my phone to check my emails before getting ready for the day. I look over, and I notice that I don't have a single text message. This is odd, because, I text myself anything I need to remember for the next day, before I go to sleep. I check my phone, and every text message has been erased.


Not just every text message, but every contact, all settings, all accounts, everything has been reset and erased. This has happened before, and I just put it all in by hand. This time, I tried to recover from the backup. When I did that, my phone froze up, and turned off. Now, my phone is starting the splash screen, with the wheel thing in the middle, and the two red tendrels on the side, and stays for about 2-3 seconds, then turns off, and goes to that screen again. Nothing is stopping it, nothing is turning it on, and it won't respond to any button.




EDIT: I pulled the battery out, to restart it completely. Now, the Home key and Search key aren't working at all, along with some combination of the screen, and the other two buttons every time I reset it. I'm working on getting all my contacts back, but this is just obnoxious. Would it be possible to get a new phone from this problem? Or do a factory reset somehow?

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