Re: Reliable car Bluetooth with FM transmitter ..


Honestly per the previous response, yes the bluetooth will have a better quality because of the frequency the sound travels on. Now as far as the interference, I may have static for 2 seconds out of an hour drive two times a day and thats only when driving past the airport. As far as quality of mono vs stereo I actually have no distortion because I do not turn the media sound to the max levels on the droid x and the car radio quality  is clear enough with the "Mono", If i wanted too, i could hit 135 db's which is competion sound. But thats a cheap idea I know. If your vehicle has BT technology A- Why would you need to purchase a $60.00 jabra kit b- go to youtube and type in pairing BT with you vehicle. Thats should be the end of your issue.


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