Help need for a Newbie Droid Owner experiencing serious battery problems.


I've had my Droid for about 2 months now and I've already exchanged it once because of problems with the battery and the screen being ultra sensitive.  The phone I have now has serious battery issues.  First let me say that I have not had the opportunity to take advantage of all the phone has to offer.  If I have 2 calls a day that last approximately 5 mins, I'm doing good.  I haven't used any of the smart phone features.  My email is turned off and I only use the Bluetooth when I'm in the car.  For the most part, the phone is sits idle during the day.


This morning my phone was at 100% charged.  I turned it on and went to work.  When I got to my office, I laid the phone on the desk.  At 11:00 I noticed that the green light was now blinking red.  I 'woke' the screen up to find the battery down to a 15% charge. I took the phone out to my car and plugged it up to charge it.  By the time I left my office, the phone was registering a 70% charge.  By the time I arrived home, it was at 90%.  I left the phone on to see how long it would last.  after approx. 45 mins, the battery was registering 10% charge.


I took the recommendation from this site and check the 'about phone' status.  It states that my display is using 68%, while Android and email are very minimal.  My running services are: Gtalkservic; Android keyboard and Bluetooth share only.


Partial wake usage shows: email with a high blue bar.


Spare parts shows the following: Display - 68%; Android system: 11%; Email 10% Cell standby: 8%; Bluetooth: 2%; Android OS: 2%; Phone idle: 2%; Android core apps: 2%.  I don';t understand how email is still registering as I turned the sync for email off.


Anyone have any tips, tricks or suggestions I can make before I'm forced to return this phone for another model. I really want to be able to use all the bells and whistles of this phone, but I can't until I get these issues resolved.