Re: Droid Bionic ICS update????

Now this might be a stupid thing to say from a consumer point of view, but I will never go to a shared data plan with verizon.  Even if I have to pay more to another carrier.  While verizon has the largest 4g LTE prescence and I guess somebody has to pay for the infrastructure, it will not be me.  I have been a loyal VZW customer, never had another carrier and I feel that they have mistreated me and everyone else who was encouraged to buy this could have been great phone that can only use one of its 2 processors.  Imagin buying a car and it only runs on half the cylinders.  Would the car manufacturer be allowed to get away with it, especially if their sales people were telling you that there would be a recall to fix that issue and it never happened?  There would be a class action suit.  I guess VZW technically does not have any real liability here. 

Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware