how do i connect my pc to the internet through a MiFi 2200 mobile broadband home network?


i have recently purchaced a verizon MiFi 2200 which i use to connect my laptop to the internet via WiFi,which is all ok.i can apparently set upto 5 computers with this one device by networking .so the question is how do i connect to the internet on my home pc,(which is windows XP,service pack 3, ACPI uniprocessor PC,AMD sempron(tm) 3000+  1.99 GHz,448 MB of RAM,PCI soft data fax modem with smartCP)through a network on my MiFi 2200.and how exactly do i set up a home network with this device when i don't think my home pc has wifi compatibility.i usaully connect with dial-up but am over that ,any answers are appreciated.  signed diggerwy.