Re: Can I leave the MiFi charger plugged in?


Why isn't there a definitive answer for this seemingly simple question?


My MiFi is 10 days old.


I've been told by the rep at the Verizon store that I can use it while plugged in on AC power, but no info on how long it needs to be charged or how long it can stay plugged in.


I was told via email by a Verizon tech that "Regrettably the MIfi 2200 cannot be connected to an AC charger and provide a wifi connetion simultaneously. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."


That is not the case - in fact, that is how it does work! It does not provide wifi when using the USB to the computer.


When I ask this specific question - how long can it stay plugged in, I never get a straight answer.


I find the battery life to be very poor with this device - 1 1/2-2 hours at most, and I am not a heavy user. I have asked three times if the battery is defective and needs to be replaced and have not yet had that question answered.


As this is still under the 30 day trial, I guess I'll need to go back to the Verizon store where I bought it and see what they can offer.


Verizon's techs are really not very helpful - I also had one tell me that the overage charge for a 5gb MiFi account was 25 cents a MB - when everything else I have - my contract, website info etc. says 5 cents. That was confirmed by another tech, but again - conflicting messages which don't inspire confidence in Verizon.







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