Re: Talking Reinvented - Introducing Verizon Hub




We just installed the Verizon Hub this week and are happy with it and the feature set. Do you know if there are plans for two things that would really make this a "killer application":


1) Call screening that will work similar to "Privacy Manager" whereby a caller must give their name in response to a prompt or enter a pre-established code number to bypass the screening. Privacy Manager then forwards the given name (or puts through the call if the code is entered) to the subscriber who may elect to dump the call, answer or put it in VM; and


2) Providing for additonal headsets - call me lazy but we like to have them in every room, the garage, basement, kitchen, bathrooms and even utility room, even though they are wireless. We currently have a need for 5 additional headsets.


Why I believe number 1 above is a killer app is the rapidly increasing number of unwanted and sometimes illegal unsolicited commercial phone calls/messages. There is probably a dollar figure I would not agree to pay for such a feature but it is likely to be fairly high! The ability to block 12 numbers is not sufficient for two reasons, the sheer number of these callers and the fact that they spoof their caller IDs.

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