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kelly1 wrote:
Is the Verizon One phone still available?  I went to ask about this "hub" and I think that it is unfair that only WIRELESS customers are able to purchase it.  You can't use the prepaid service on it either, but you need either a one or two year agreement.  I don't want to be tied into a contract, where you are charged a numerous amount of fees and other so called "charges".  Why can't non-wireless customers use this?  So, is the Verizon One still available and if not, are there any hubs that can be purchased from anywhere and used with Verizon?

No, Verizon One has been discontinued for some time now.


Not being allowed to use prepaid service kind of makes sense, but, you might not agree.  This device is unlike the Verizon One in that it is a Voice over IP(VoIP) device.  The Verizon One worked with your plain old telephone service.  


I am guessing that since this is being offered by Verizon WIreless, they are probably using the same process (right or wrong) as their other non-prepaid phones.  Hence the need for a contract & early termination fees which I recall is standard Verizon wireless process.  So, it makes sense that they are doing it that way, atleast in my mind.  Do I agree?  Not really.  I would like to buy one, like you, without the need for a contract or monthly fee like the old Verizon One phone.  <sigh>


Since it is a VoIP device, you can't really bring your own telephone or internet service to the party to make the hub work.  You have to use their service for it to work.   It is not all that much different than trying to get a cell phone, say iPhone, from AT&T to work on the Verizon Wireless network.   It's all in the network.  :smileyhappy:


I wish my speculations were more in line w/what you were thinking but for now, we're stuck.  I'll have to sit on the sidelines for now.  :smileysad:


I have a friend who has one and he loves it.  But, he's kind of a geeky guy so I guess he would.

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