Re: Talking Reinvented - Introducing Verizon Hub


You do get a separate phone number for the Hub.  In fact, you cannot UPGRADE a line to the hub either at this point. It must be a new line of service.  In your account info online it's not even listed with your other phone numbers, but in it's own section.  Your area must be e911 ready to be able to activate the hub as well.  Areas that are still not e911 capable the phone cannot legally be activated in.  It requires an address entered upon activation, and the system does not allow activation in non e911 areas at all.  Only way around that if you're in such an area would be to say that you'll be using it somewhere else that IS. . however when/if you call 911 on the phone it'll route you to that local department.


You cannot change the number back and forth when you're home/not home however you can set the hub to forward calls to another number. So when you go to leave the house you can set it to the correct mode, and it'll ring to your cellphone rather than the home phone.  


You can also set reminders on the calendar and have those reminders sent to any number of your cellphones at a variety of different intervals before the event.


So as you're basically asking, yes if someone calls the house and you're not there, you can set the hub to send the call to your cellphone instead.


I'm currently finding the hub to be quite buggy, however, and am strongly considering returning mine until some of the bugs are worked out.  I can't afford to have an unreliable home-phone for all of my kids, and to be paying much more for it than a standard cellphone for at home as well.

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