What Is Going On??? No Response - No Rebates! Needs Resolved NOW!

This is your last chance.  I have been waiting for my rebates that I was promised.  I sent information regarding most of the billing issues that I have experienced since I switched back.  You have had time to research my account and get in touch with me.  Now I've had more than enough of the lies and getting blown off. 


Verizon owes me two of the "Switch Back" rebates at $200 each.    I also want to return the iPhone 6Ses I was sold and asked to keep under false pretenses and contract cancelled with NO further billing / financial obligation incurred regarding the 6Ses so I can re-purchase iPhone SEs (which I was tricked into trading in and entering into a contract).  I want this IN WRITING as nothing Verizon says can be trusted at this point. 


I have no more time to waste on this matter.  My next contact will be the BBB and then the Attorney General.  I am done.  If you want to contact me by phone, you may leave a message, but I want the follow up and this resolution IN WRITING.



Thak you for your PROMPT attention to this long overdue matter.