Re: How do I know if a phone is compatible with the Verizon network?


Unfortunately, not all IMEI's are registered on Verizon's list and there may be phones that might, repeat might  work.

I talked with a 2nd level support person - I plan to bring a European dual-SIM phone back with me the next time I'm shipped home - and he provided a list of bands/frequencies that phones should support to be compatible with Verizon's 4G/LTE networks.


One big issue that I have discovered when travelling abroad is that some non-US phones, notably some Huweai phones, will not, repeat NOT recognize or attempt even a roaming connection with a US SIM card - whereas others, (like LG and Samsung), will connect with no problem.  This is despite the phone fully supporting all the bands needed.

What I want to do, if I can, is "try" a previously provisioned Verizon SIM card in my existing European smartphone, (which I plan to replace anyway), and if it works, get a new SIM of my own, take it to Europe, and make sure the phone will recognize and provision the card.

Of course Your Mileage May Vary, and any " BYOD" type device is going to receive limited support at this end.

Jim "JR"