LIED to AGAIN! Last chance before the BBB and the AG hear about this whole mess



Now, on top of being lied to about the SE's not working at the end of the year, a myriad of other billing issues and HOURS of wasted time trying to get my account straight, I was just informed my "Switch Back Rebates" (which should have been BYOD Rebates) are now being denied.     

The rep at the store sold me two new 6s' in place of my SE's (which were new / virtually new) because he said my SE's wouldn't work at the end of the year.  The BYOD promo was the only reason I was going to agree to go back to VZ direct and I DID NOT want to trade in my phones (first lie).   I was told that they couldn't do the BYOD since I was going to have to get new phones (which were to be "free" after billing credits (which VZ also tried to rescind and finally re-instated), but that I did qualify for the $400 Switch Back to VZ promo.  The manager on duty was also involved.

Someone finally straightened out my billing as far as the phone credits (sort of , I really just wanted two new SEs back, so I'm not stuck with these 6s) but this is absolutely ridiculous!  Don't tell me to go see those bunch of LIARS at the VZ company store.   FIX THIS - GET ME MY REBATES ISSUED NOW - NOT IN ANOTHER EIGHT! WEEKS!!!  (And not with billing credits I have to use up  - I want the Visa cards so I can pay off these 6s and be done with this nightmare.