Re: Samsung A70 A80


The Samsung A70 has a 25w charging speed, which is very important and is a NEWER device.  It also has 103 battery operating time, which again is faster than Samsung A50.  It has a 32mp selfie camera!  Who wouldn't desire that, right?  It uses Adreno which is much better for gaming, not Mali.  It's 6.7 inches would be even better, terrific even for those that love to expand their font sizes for better viewing.  

The release dates are only 1 month a part.  The A series program is something Samsung has come out with for a mid-range phone mkt for those of us unable or unwilling to invest in an $800+ cell phone.  The A70 and A80 are both being used and released in the UK.  The reviews are amazing! I encourage you to search the Samsung website it is very informative about this line.  

Please check this out, what is coming, I would love to have access to these phones: