Re: Samsung A70 A80


This article above explains some of what i mentioned in this post and another post regarding the A70 only.  Verizon/Samsung U.S. entered the market with the A50 that went directly past the (see if it's compatible with network red tape) striaght to the sales. My device compatability question is not only due to price but device capability. The A70 is a larger phone, it is the only Samsung phone that has the exact fast charge as the S10/5G, It has a large battery, and a decent camera, in the same price range as the A50. I left the specs in the post. It seem as if you must buy devices from Verizion or only devices Verizion says it's ok to have on the network. There are a number of midrange phones that are below Verizion's flagship phone/prices that are as good as flagships without the price. For large families these outraguos flagship prices are not consumer friendly. Wealthy or not. Looks like i'll either have to settle for the A50 or buy the Note 9.

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