Online sales Rep made a mistake and I have to pay extra for my bill


Hi! It’s a long story and I will try my best to make short:

I talked to Clare, an online sales Rep, on 4/10, tried to switch all my six lines from T-Mobile to Verizon.

My plan was, with military discount and autopay discount, for Go Unlimited Plan, I would be paying $200(4 lines of $30 and two additional lines of 40)  + $180(activation fees for 6 lines) for my fisrt bill, and the following monthly payment would be $200.

What happened: I got 3 lines activated on 4/10, and the rest 3 lines will be activated on 4/15 (for some reason and I was never been told). 

I end up paying two bill, one is $280(3 lines of $55 and 3 activation fees of $30 plus taxes and fees) for billing period 4/10-5/9 for three lines, the other one is $280 for the other 3 lines for billing period 4/10-5/9. With total of $560. $180 extra compare to my plan.

As soon as I saw the bill, I talked to online customer service, and I was told the bill is valid, generated by the system and can't be changed. Even I spent over 2 hours trying to explain the situation, the best he could do was to credit me $100(I still have to pay $80 extra) and make extensive notes on my account(does it even mean anything?). He tried to persuade me by saying it's just one time charge. Sorry, no, it doesn't make it acceptable because "just one time charge" for being over charged.

My question was, do I have to pay for the sales Rep's mistake? Is the bill really not adjustable? Not to mention Clare told me it would be $161 for my monthly payment then I was told differently by another Rep. Promised me I would receive all my SIM card on 4/12, but only receive one and the rest will come on 4/15.

Thank you and I wish you all have a wonderful Verizon experience.

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