Re: Will Verizon provide SIM unlock codes? If so, what requirements must be met?


Thanks for your help!

I apologize for being so dense, but I'm still confused on #4. I think it is because both Verizon Galaxies and Samsung Galaxies have a product that is called "unlocked," but they mean different things. 

To clarify:

  • a)  Verizon phones are now all "unlocked." This means they can take a SIM card and use on another carrier, and then return to the Verizon network as before. 
  • b)  Samsung Galaxy phones not offered directly for Verizon are what you referred to as "unbranded?" On their site they just call them "unlocked." They can also take a SIM card and use on another carrier and then return to the Verizon network, but they will not be able to make use of wifi calling.  I'm guessing if we went to another network, this phone might be more flexible?

Here are my questions:

What are the differences in these two phones (Verizon "unlocked" vs Samsung "unbranded" unlocked) as they relate to:

  1. timeliness of Android updates (are they both on the same update schedule?) Some reviewers say unlocked phones directly from the manufacturer get updated more often and first, while other reviewers say that they only get updated quarterly and receive less updates than the carrier updates. Can you speak to Verizon's update schedule as it compares to Samsung's?
  2. Verizon phones can not remove software. Can phones purchased directly from the manufacturer (unbranded) install select software if used on a Verizon postpaid plan? Is there any software that is required to be installed on a manufacturer (unbranded) phone? 
  3. Access to features on the Verizon plan: Are there ANY features besides wifi calling that unbranded phones are not able to access?


@mama23dogs wrote:

1.  All Verizon LTE phones are unlocked out of the box, so are capable of using non Verizon SIM cards.  (Except for select prepaid phones, see below)

2. Yes

3.  Already unlocked, but NO.  Carrier unlocking does not permit you to alter the software.  You buy and own the hardware, the software is only licensed for your use as is.  Wifi calling is not available on non branded androids

4.   N/A

5.  Phones sold off the prepaid page may be subsidized and are required to complete time on prepaid before you can use anywhere else.  Any postpaid phone can be used on prepaid.  

Prepaid pays before service works, has no bill, no paperwork, no late fees.   No, you do not have "minutes" on a card.  Prepaid plans all have unlimited talk and text and a fixed amount of data.  You can see plans available from links at the top of page.

Postpaid is billed during the service month and is due before the month is up.  There are some features, like visual voicemail that will work on postpaid android only.  Only postpaid accounts can use installments to upgrade.  Postpaid plans are all "shared " and priced ala carte, even if only one device.