Re: HTC u11


In my case, I get data, and only data, if I lock my U11 to "LTE Only"-- no calling, no calling over LTE, no calling over WI-FI even.   And, with a new sim, I lost even that.

Yet every other carrier sim I've tried (bought in the case of tracfone, borrowed for the others), works flawlessly.  (And, last I knew, tracfone used verizon's towers, among others.)  Everything works flawlessly, and I can even use wi-fi calling-- which I should be able to on verizon regardless of any other carrier/band issues, but I can't use it either.

So it's clearly not simply 'a phone issue'.  I've heard rumors that the next update will provide some sort of radio fix,  but I'm more inclined to think this won't be solved until something changes on verizon's end, unfortunately.  Especially considering that most of the people that have issues, WERE working fine for at least the first day or two after they put the phone on verizon.

mega-corp or  not, it's in their best interests to have happy customers... lawsuits are always more trouble than fixing the problem that led to them would have been.  I hope someone in the right position can see this thread, and takes heed, soon Smiley Sad

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