Re: HTC u11


The U11 has worked on Verizon.  But every 3 weeks it loses its connection

to Verizon's network and is unusable.  The typical fix has been to

replace/activate a new SIM card and it works fine for another 3 weeks or

so.  This last time it happened, the local Verizon store basically shoo'd

me away and said they couldn't fix it.  The new SIM does require activation

first (on a Verizon phone) prior to loading into my phone (which makes

absolutely NO sense to me.  I've researched that Verizon should have the

ability to turn off the "CDMA provisioning" of the phone and I have yet to

hear that that was tried.

The phone is currently NOT ACTIVE as the last Verizon technician I talked

with convinced me to go back to my old phone while HTC was troubleshooting

the problem.

Couple of issues I have at this point:

1.  I don't know what HTC can do to fix my particular issue (they were

supposed to call me on Monday and they never did).  Nonetheless, the issue

isn't a ME issue, it's a phone and Verizon issue.  So I'm really not

understanding why HTC wanted to further discuss with me.

2.  I spend the majority of my time on the road and this issue has caused

me to be in the office for the last week...which means I'm not doing the

job I was hired to do.  It's becoming very frustrating.  Am I the only

Verizon user who has a U11?  If so, am I the only one having this issue?

If so, that's a problem because I was told by Verizon AND HTC that this

phone would work on the Verizon network.  And the reality of it is, no, it

does not work.

I would truly appreciate any help that can be given to allow me to use the

phone on Verizon.  If not possible, some type of letter that I can send to

HTC that will allow me to return the phone, get my money back and purchase

a phone that works on Verizon's network would be great right now.


Mike [Removed]

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