BYOD Rebate Runaround / Horrible Customer Service



Long story short, my wife and I opened a new Verizon account in September. We both brought our own devices and ported in our numbers from Sprint. My wife's rebate was approved with no problems. However, my rebate keeps getting kicked back. The review team is telling me that my phone number was never ported in. When I question their logic, they just spit out the same scripted material over and over again. It's like talking to a brick wall. I have been fighting with them for over a month now. The reps at the store also won't help you unless you are buying a new device. Thought I would give this channel a try...

Expanded Details:

  • My wife and I opened a new account online in September. We ported in our numbers and brought our own devices from Sprint.
  • We went to the store to pick up our sim cards. The CSR said our phones would be activated in an hour or two.
  • After 24 hours we still had no service and could not make any calls. Went back to the store. CSR refused to help us because we started our service online (I'm guessing they work on commission). We called customer service from one of their store phones and sat there for three hours while they fixed our issue. Something about our port being stuck.
  • Submitted two separate $250 BYOD rebates. Received two tracking numbers.
  • My wife's rebate was approved with no problems. My rebate was denied with no reason at first.
  • I emailed the rebate team several times. After a two-week review, they told me my rebate was denied because my number was not ported in.
  • I called the rebate team. The CSR told me the same thing. He suggested I go to the store and provide proof that my number was ported in.
  • Went to the store.  Told the CSR who was checking people in about my issue.  He looked at me like I was crazy and told me it would be a two hour wait before somebody would speak with me, so I left.
  • Got mad the more I thought about it, so I went back to the store the second they opened the very next day.  I spoke with another CSR.  He had no idea what to do.  I asked him to look at my final Sprint bill and the reciepts from when I opened my account.  Asked him to put a note in my account saying that I showed proof I ported in my number.  He said he did.  Then he suggested I call the rebate team back.
  • I called the rebate team back. The CSR said she would send it back for a two-week review, but couldn't guarantee that the review team would read the notes that were entered by the store rep.

Sorry for the long post.  I've never experienced this kind of customer service anywhere in my life.  Even Comcast has treated me better than this.  Maybe a CSR with some common sense will read this and do the right thing.