Re: New OS Update for Storm2 9550 Available

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XtremeBerry wrote:

Also another new feature to verizon OS's is the pop up keys function. This makes it so when you type the keys pop up above your fingers showing you exactly what you are pressing.

To get there go Options>Screen/Keyboard>Show Key Indicator> three options light up and default is NEVER. Change to Always and presto, it makes typing in portait mode alot more bearable.

 I have this on my S1 running .419 OS. I tried to tell someone else about it and he couldn't find it under his Options / Screen / Keyboard. He even sent me a pic of his available settings where I said it was, same place as yours. So some people don't get it. I absolutely love it. It is like a new phone. I cannot imagine how I used they keyboard without it? Do you know of some other setting that will make this Option appear?