Re: All other search providers removed: required to use bing


Round 2 with VZW.  Customer service and Tech support claim no knowledge of this happening.  Worked on it for 20 minutes with no resolution.  Tech support connected me with RIM.  RIM read a statement to me that states "VZW has partnered with Microsoft and has pushed BING to the 9550, 9530 and I believe the 9630.  You can no longer use the other previous default search engines unless you go directly to their search page.  This is a Verizon push and has nothing to do with RIM, I apologize for this inconvenience."  So unless you download the Google app you will have to manually type in and then search from there.  Did I mention VZW is getting stupider as the days progress.  At least partner with someone that has a decent search engine.  Also why don't you inform your customer service and tech support staff so they can tell you right off the bat instead of wasting 30 minutes with them and still getting zero resolution.  **bleep**!