Re: All other search providers removed: required to use bing



LCromwell wrote:

MS just lost a huge law suit about its packaging windows OS  with IE. Too me its like buying a pair of shoes but being told you cannot supply the laces. The people need to be free to choose their own laces. Same thing here. I do not want another search engine being forced on me. I prefer Googles search engine. I even installed BING and removed it a few days later because I didn't like it. I think Verizon is looking at a huge class action here if they continue to force people to use BING. Wrong on so many levels.



I understand your point and I agree that corporate America forcing their products on consumers is wrong on several levels. I also don't like it that someone, Verizon, Microsoft, and/or RIM is taking away the ability for me to choose my default search engine from the Go To page. But no one, not Microsoft , not Verizon, and not RIM is telling anyone they have to use bing. If you want to use Google Search you can either download the "Quick Search with Google" app from the BlackBerry App World or set Google as your default homepage when you load your browser. 


Using your example, only one pair of laces come with a new pair of shoes. The shoe company isn't forcing you to wear those laces, they are only the default ones. If you want to use other laces, go to the store and buy different ones.